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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday 700A  ABC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> and taking a live look outside right now. we have a beautiful view of our skyline in charlotte. your time is 7:00. we are starting off really cold across the area. good morning, thank you so much for joining us i'm brittney johnson. vicki graf has a lot to talk about this morning. we have cold temperatures and wintery weather on the way. >> that is right. it is a busy morning in the weather center. the colder side. 29 in charlotte. mountains. however it is windy this morning. i've seen wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the mountains. that is making way for dangerous windchill values. as we go through the day today lots of sunshine. highs in the mid 30s. it will feel even colder. what we are tracking here in charlotte it will be windy and cold and that will set the stage for our winter storm on
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today nc d.o.t. crews will be deciding how to treat the roads for monday's winter weather. they say treating roads for freezing rain is different than treating for snow. after they make a decision today they will be tackling highways. more crews are on call if we get more than we expect. >> we have dozens of pieces of equipment just within mecklenburg county alone. we also have potential for 90 contractors that we can bring on site. >> nc d.o.t. says that crews have already used $24 million worth of materials for storm preps. that is more than half of the state's budget for the entire year. you can always stay informed on the weather in your neighborhood by using the wsoc tv weather app. you can use the interactive radar, get severe weather alerts and hourly forecast. just download the app. it's free on your android or apple devices. over night channel 9
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not have a half a day today. students were supposed to make up for days missed during the last round of winter weather. several school districts including cms are going to use monday president's day as a makeup day for last months snow. and at this point no schools have called off or issued any delays. we will bring you any delays or closures right here on the air and on 7:02 right now. channel 9 is asking if the heat has been restored to hundreds of families in north charlotte. we told you last night at 11:00 a contractor installing google fiber hit a gasline in the highland creek neighborhood area. that cut off heat to about 300 homes and officials had to go door to door last night restoring service to each house. we told you tuesday a third party google contractor disrupted service in mallard creek. homeowners in that area say
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>> for them to come in here and ruin things the way that they are doing, there is no accountability and that is what bothers me the most. they ruin something and it's no big deal to anybody else expect the homeowners. >> officials with piedmont natural gas told us last nighttime were not sure how long it would take to restore the heat. channel 9 uncovered utility disruptions on several occasions as google and at & t work to build their fiber networks. even with the brightly colored lines they expect more gas lines to be cut across the area. this weekend nc d.o.t. will monitor this temporary fix on a broken under ground water line on independence boulevard. that leak caused icy conditions. this is on independence at i- 277 and drivers have been concerned about this spot since last saturday when we showed you a massive backup due to
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it also caused several crashes that day as well as monday. crews spent the last two days working to repair that water line. and they made a temporary fix yesterday. the governor of hawaii has signed an emergency proclamation on the zika virus. he says that it is a preventive measure to guard against zika, den guy fever and other diseases. and this action follows the cdc emergency steps to prepare for the zika virus. it is prompting worldwide concern because of a possible connection to birth defects. in the next half hour, the issue the zika virus is causing in puerto rico as officials try to create a vaccine. local politicians will attend a ballantyne priorities meeting. we've been told that parents are going to be there protesting the student reassignment project. that meeting begins at 9:00 this morning at the ballantyne hotel and lodge.
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someone by mid march to help them with the controversial student reassignment plan. parents attended several meetings this week as the board and the policy committee discuss the topic. the school district is trying to make schools more diverse but so far parents have not been happy with discussions surrounding busing as a possible alternative. cms is collecting surveys on this issue through february 22nd. a funeral will be held today for a prominent lancaster man who collapsed and died during a family outing to super bowl 50. william rutgers funeral is set for noon. on super bowl sunday panthers player keishawn johnson handed his son a football at an after party and moments later we are told that rutger collapsed and died. rutger is a prominent lancaster business owner. police arrested a man last night they say is responsible for two bank robberies.
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robbing the first citizens bank in ballantyne on wednesday. they arrested him during a traffic stop yesterday. police say he is also responsible for robbing the bb & t bank on mallard creek road last month. he passed a note to the teller saying he had a gun and demanding money. fight is charged with two counts of common law robbery. tonight six republican presidential candidates will be in greenville, south carolina for another debate. the debate is being hosted by cbs news and the wall street journal and this is the first time that the candidates have faced each other since the new hampshire primary. candidates include donald trump, marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush and ben carson. this is the final week ahead of south carolina's gop primary. 7:06 right now. the south carolina primaries are on two separate days. the first one is for the gop. it is on february 20th. and the second is a week later for the democrats on february 27th.
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gillis learned why the primaries are held a week apart and how much it costs taxpayers to make that happen. >> reporter: not only is it somewhat unusual to hold an election on two separate saturdays but political experts say it could be confusing for voters and i found it's costing taxpayers more money. south carolina is one of the few states that will hold its democratic and republican primaries on separate days. dr. karen kadrowski say it's up to the national parties to decide when the primaries are held. >> there could be some issue about where the candidates wanted to spend more of their time and how they wanted to invest in the states in terms of campaigning. >> she says having primaries on separate days can be confusing which i found when talking to votes. >> we were aware the democratic and republican primaries were on separate days?
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>> they have to be reminded to not show up on the 20th or they will be disinfranchised on the 27th. >> and it's costing south carolina taxpayers more money. according to the south carolina state election commission it costs 25-30% more. the chester county board of elections told me it costs $18,000 to prepare and higher poll worker for both primaries. they say if the primary were held on one day, that would almost be cut in half. >> reporter: she say there is is one good thing about the split days, she told me it extends the amount of time that south carolina can influence a national political debate. reporting in rock hill elsa gillis channel 9 eyewitness news. >> the political science professor also told channel 9 that these elections are on saturdays because they are not binding elections. she thinks there will be a
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holding them on a weekend. and we reached out to the state and national parties about why they decided to hold the primaries on separate saturdays. we have not heard back from them yet. this morning charlotte city leaders are in canada for the nba all star game and taking notes before charlotte hosts the event in 2017. city leaders from management, police, and transit departments are all there this week. also hotel managers and people from the hornets. they are learning what it takes to host the week long event which is going to bring nba all stars, big celebrities, and thousands of fans. we call assistant city managercap bell -- city manager campbell. >> i want to know what was the biggest unexpected thing you hadn't planned for and what are you most proud of.
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could have more than $100 million economic impact on the charlotte area. and there are four cmpd officers for traffic and venue staffers from the city as well. the taxpayer cost could be around $12,000 to $15,000. taking a live look outside from our speedway cam. nice, clear day. expect it to be pretty windy however. and also cold. meteorologist vicki graf has an update on the coldest air of the season moving through our area. >> that is right. it's a cold start to the day. and factor winds on top of that, that is making way for dangerous windchill values in the mountains. we're below freezing here across the charlotte area. up to the i-40 corridor. teens in the mountains and single digits at times. and going through mid-morning it could feel like 20 below in the high country. here in charlotte feeling like the teens.
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we will struggle to warm up. highs in the mid 30s. it will will feel like we're in the mid 20s. this is the coldest air so far this season. we will see lots of is up shine today. i'm tracking the potential for wintery weather coming in on monday. i'll have the impacts on what you can see for your drive that monday morning. that is coming up ahead. more blue line construction is under way and it's causing problems for commuters. mark taylor explain where is that new construction is and how you can get around it. >> new stretch of blue line construction could cause problem for over night commuters nightly. wt harris boulevard at north tryon that is closing. it started last night. scheduled to last through 6:00 this morning and through monday morning. so charlotte d.o.t. urging folks to take harris boulevard heading westbound up to jw clay back to harris. if you are heading east through the construction zone. harris boulevard to north tryon.
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either way we will take some time to get through the construction zone. you can get caught up on this construction and a couple special events going on this weekend. i have a weekend traffic update at the charlotte zoning board will discuss hundreds of new apartments and town homes. the concern some residents have about the area. but first thieves targeted local firefighters.
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this morning we have new details on a ohio machete attack that injuried four people. mohammed barry went to a restaurant and attacked people with a machete. information on the suspects car
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alert the local terrorism traffic force and they contacted the fbi. as barry lunged at police, an officer shot him multiple times killing him. police still do not have a motive yet but abc sources says the man was known to the fbi. stocks ended in the red this week which adds to the recent downs we've been seeing lately. since the first of the year the dow has been down more than 8% and that is having a really big impact on many requirement accounts. economists say it's important to remember the stock market doesn't necessarily give you an accurate reflection of the economy. >> the real economy is not going down. we saw just today we tail sales numbers were released for january they are up. january's unemployment rate went down. >> the turmoil in financial markets comes at the same time that lower gas prices continue helping drivers save keeping a little extra money in their pockets.
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is speaking out for the first time about his response to the san bernardino, california terror attacks. shooters gunned down 14 people during the attack in december and sergeant andy caps was the lead patrol car in that shootout with the suspects. after they attacked a work christmas party. they were both killed in that five minute shootout and cap describes a moment of that shootout. >> i've seen footage from the helicopters of those officers running up to my vehicle with bullets flying by them. running up to get in and help. unbelievable. >> sergeant caps has been on the force for 24 years. he says that is the first time that he has had to fire his weapon. thieves targeted local firefighters again. around 7:00 yesterday morning we told you two firemen were ending their shift.
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found their cars broken into and glass on the ground. they say the suspects took personal items and even stole a fun. some vehicles were locked but others were not. >> they all had passenger window broken out of them. which is odd. it will only be a matter of time before we establish a definite direction. >> police worked a similar case in kannapolis on thursday. thieves there broke into several cars outside of station three on florida avenue and while it all happened those firefighters were responding to a call. police do not know if the cases are connected but they have joined forces to try to track down those suspects. 7:17 right now. busy day in the weather center for you with lots of cold weather our way. >> cold and windy this weekend. tracking wintery mix on the way early monday. so lots of talk about. right now things are quiet on live early warning doppler 9. a few flurries are possible in the mountains. by the end of the day we could
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but there is much more on the way. it's really about the cold and the wind. temperatures across the charlotte area below freezing. teens in the mountains. however, when you factor in strong winds, i've been checking in on some wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour at times in the high country. that is making way for some dangerous windchills. right now it feels like ten below in jefferson. eight below in boone. it could feel like 20 below at times. we do have windchill advisories in place for the mountains and that goes through tomorrow. it feels like 20 in statesville. 19 in hickory. here in charlotte 21. that is what it feels like on your exposed skin and 28 in rock hill. so dress accordingly this morning. we're not going to warm up a well lot going throughout the day. highs getting close to 37 degrees today. sunshine. keep in mind it will be pretty windy going through the afternoon. tomorrow more clouds build in. it will be a little cooler for
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close to 34-degrees. now that cold air will set the stage for wintery weather. time it all out for you. we could see snow again tomorrow. by 3:00 this is before dawn we are tracking a few flurries here in the charlotte area. and then that will quickly switch over to some freezing rain before mid-morning. so where you see this area shaded in pink, that will be ice in charlotte. snow will cross the i-40 corridor and the mountains as well. and tracking some warm air moving in so by midday, this all starts to switch over to rain and then we will keep the threat for rain through monday afternoon and evening. might see a little bit of a wintery mix in the mountains. in the next half hour i will break down how much snow and ice you can see in the charlotte area. but monday morning again before dawn that is when we are tracking the potential for snow as we head toward 9:00 that is when we will start to scooch
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that is when you get slushy conditions. that could cause problems on the roads. but for the evening drive, that is when we see that threat for rain will be a cold rain but at least we're not going to see that as far as the snow and ice monday afternoon and evening. now you can keep on top of any changes to the forecast as we get them in. you can track them with us not just on our facebook and twitter accounts but download our wsoc tv weather apps. keep in mind we do have the windchill advisories in place for the mountains. that goes until tomorrow. it will stay cold throughout the carolinas through the weekend by monday that is when we have the potential for wintery mix early on. we could be looking at 60s bithe end of next week. >> big changes coming up. the sun on the forecast makes me smile and i look at the temperatures and say it's if not helping much. >> at least it's sunny today. the fbi is investigating
7:20 am
morganton city employees. our partners at the morganton news hearld says officials were made aware of the allegations but the city hasn't released any additional details. the city manager says she contacted public safety but so far they have not found any evidence to support those claims. public safety requested the fbi to investigate. there is growing fear over a deportation of teenagers in north carolina. at 7:30, the reason a school board is condemning the ice enforcement actions. >> a charlotte zoning board will discuss hundreds of new apartments and town homes next week. at 7:30 the frustrations neighbors have about their plans. >> but first another deputy in trouble following a deadly shooting of texas deputy darren goforth. the twists and turns and what
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and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business. different on purpose. good saturday morning. take a look at that. a lot of sunshine out there this morning. this is from our lake norman cam. your time 7:24. the sun is nice and bright and right turn. we are still hovering around below freezing temperatures this morning and vicki will have an update on the wintery weather moving through our area in just a bit. we checked over night and kershaw officials say a man accused of murdering his wheelchair bound mother is no
7:24 am
robert heights is accused of killing caroline. she was found dead earlier this week and we learned she was shot several times in the head inside of her home. she was a double amputee. investigators say they still have a loot of questions about -- a lot of questions about the motive. heights justed a .22 rifle and was seen at a bank asking about his mother's accounts. developing this morning authorities fired a third deputy for misconduct in the murder investigation of a texas deputy shot and killed at a gas station. jason goodrich was seen at a memorial for deputy darren goforth just days after goforth was murdered. weeks later the woman who claims to be goforth's mistress called 911 for another crime. goodrich responded and days later that woman says he solicited her for sex.
7:25 am
cycle of conduct that is embarrassing to every professional peace officers. >> this is the second deputy fired this week for inappropriate behavior in that texas police department and the third connected to the goforth case. goforth was shot 15 times outside of a gas station in september. a hear willing be held monday for suspect shannon miles. we are still hovering right below freezing in charlotte. also dangerously cold temperatures in the mountains this morning. >> it is cold and it is windy. that is making way for dangerous windchill values. it feels like we are 10-15 degrees below and here in charlotte it feels even colder this morning as well. make sure to dress accordingly going through the day. we'll see lots of sunshine but struggling to warm up. highs in the mid 30s. still keeping an eye on that winter storm. >> so many people are. thank you. officials are concerned over the zika virus.
7:26 am
could be linked to birth defects. what scientists says is stopping north carolina from keeping an eye on the virus. >> unsafe levels of lead in water is causing major concerns across the country right now. at 7:45, the state now saying that it is sighing the same issues only this time in school water. >> but first a charlotte zoning board will discuss building
7:27 am
why hundreds of new apartments may be coming to an already congested part of charlotte. the big vote city leaders will take in just two days and the changes already in the works to ease the traffic gridlock in
7:28 am
and we are waking up to bitter cold temperatures just take a look at this. we are only at 29 in charlotte. in the teens in the mountains and it feels even colder. we are tracking some of the coldest air of the season and a wintery mix heading our way. good morning. thank you for joining us i'm brittney johnson. we will check in with vicki graf. very busy morning vicki. that is right. it is a cold and windy start to the day. most neighborhoods well below the freezing mark to start the day off and you will feel that cold as you head out. as we go throughout the afternoon, we will keep the sunshine around. highs will be well below average. close to 37 degrees here in charlotte. we could should be close to 55 degrees this time of year. i am tracking some big changes on the way. we don't have to worry about snow or rain today. lots of sunshine. it will be cold and windy. we could see windchill values close to 20 below in the mountains at times early this morning.
7:29 am
winter storm heading our way. i'll have the timeline of when it arrives and break down how much snow and ice you could see in your neighborhood. cold temperatures will be settling in across more than 20 states this weekend. moving from the midwest to the northeast. minnesota they have already seen 35 degrees below zero while officials say new york could break a 100-year-old record if temperatures there drop below four degrees today. the mayor is warning people to take extreme precautions over the weekend. the north carolina ski industry is getting ready for its busiest weekend of the year. all of this comes as we expect snow and even colder temperatures over the next few days. appalachian ski mountain the owner says the recent cold weather has allowed the resort to build up a six foot base of manmade snow. and that is a drastic change
7:30 am
>> i wasn't sure if they were going to be able to open this year. but the weather turned great and able to blow and got natural snow. >> and with it being both valentine's president's day weekend, hotels across the area will be booked. kings mountain doctor who examined a three month old girl before she died testified in trial -- testified in the trial for the man accused of killing her. jason moore is on trial in gastonia for addison waller's murder in august 2013. he was dating addison's mother and watching the child while her mother was at work.
7:31 am
the time she was alone with moore. her mother jessica gave tearful testimony wednesday and thursday telling jurors that addison was limp, cold, and burned when she got home that night. 7:33. a suspect fired a shot at a catawba county deputy. that deputy was serving a warrant against barry hildebrand for not appearing in court. he tried to run away that is when he fired the shot. the deputy returned fire hitting hildebrand in the hand. he is in the hospital. >> none of our officers want to harm anyone out here. but they also want to go home to their families. this is what they get paid to do. >> deputies say they went to the home to search for more possible weapons. once hildebrand is released from the hospital, he is going straight to jail.
7:32 am
information on a shooting at a an arizona high school that killed two teenagers. the deaths are now believed to be a murder-suicide. both girls had single gunshot wounds. police say a weapon was found near their bodies as well as a suicide note. the shooting happened yesterday morning when classes were set to start. officials say the investigation is not over but evidence leads them to believe one girl shot herself before -- shot the herself. the two were close friends police say they appeared to be in a relationship. two new developments will be going before the charlotte zoning board on monday and they can bring hundreds of new apartments and town homes to south charlotte. the board will approve or deny a zoning petition by grub properties to build up to 450 apartments and retail space at park road and abby place. over near woodlawn and park the zoning board will vote on 265 new apartment units and
7:33 am
petition to build 74 town homes at mockingbird and park and some people are worried about more traffic as 36,000 people already drive along that very busy stretch of road. >> it's almost gridlock now. and we don't have near the density we are looking at. >> there are plans to also bring this in more stoplights and crosswalks to help alleviate traffic in that half mile area. today a mobile dental van will be visiting several family charlotte dollar locations offering free dental screenings and any needed treatment for kids 3-12 years old. that is children 3-12 years old. the colgate bright smiles bright future van will stop by the sunset road location from 10:00 to 1:00 p.m.. and head over to the beaty's family road.
7:34 am
over deportation of teenagers in north carolina. it comes after a durham student was taken into custody by north carolina immigration officials. now the school board is condemning the action of deporting their students saying schools, hospitals, and churches are supposed to be safe zones. >> he fled and escaped and came here to the u.s. where he is seeking refuge. we have the same question why is he being detained and deported when he will be deported to his death. >> immigration agents say that teenager was on their priority list after a judge reviewed and denied his appeal to stay in the u.s.. 7:36 right now. stewart haas racing has a new interim driver for the number 14 car and they will start driving, racing today. brian vickers will drive today in order to qualify for the
7:35 am
stewart crashed an atv earlier this month. it's not clear whenly will be back -- when he will be back on the track. >> i'm tracking the coldest
7:36 am
7:37 am
settling into the carolinas. settling good saturday morning it's 7:39. it's a nice and sunny start to the day as you can see here from our hd charlotte tower camera.
7:38 am
bitterly cold temperatures that are taking shape across the carolinas. most neighborhoods below freezing. the mountains i have seen single digits so far this morning but it is also fairly wind any. in fact, here's a look at current wind speeds. this is just wind speeds. 41 miles per hour in boone. i've seen wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour already in the mountains. that is making way for some dangerous windchill values. it will stay cold as we go throughout the day. lots of sunshine but it will feel even colder when you factor in those winds. i'm tracking a winter storm along the way. it really only takes a few really just about anything to your phone these days. lawmakers are worried those apps are putting you at risk. every time you open an app you are sharing information and sometimes it is very personal information. a georgia congressman is proposing the apps act. it would require app developers
7:39 am
they are collecting. also it would set standards for how they keep that information secure. >> got to have rules of the road and you've got to have some protections for consumers. >> johnson proposed the same bill back in 2013 but he is expecting more support this time around because of increased concerns about identity theft. action 9 showed you a sneaky way thieves are stealing information by targeting children. a recent study found that 10% of children are victims of identity theft. action 9 suggests freezing your child's credit and for you to get a credit report every four months and keep an eye on your finances just in case there is any unusual activity. many officials are concerned with the zika virus. it is possibly linked to birth defects. next what a scientist has to say about north carolina's efforts to track mosquitoes.
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yea, that fe good saturday morning. your time is 7:44. take a look at that gorgeous view. we have a lot of sunshine out there from the view from our speedway cam. it's about 30 degrees.
7:43 am
we're also expecting a lot of wind gusts. we'll get an update coming up in just a bit. new this morning officials found unsafe levels of lead in drinking water at two massachusetts schools. the superintendent says that issue stems from the 50-year- old pipes at the school not the well where the water comes from. the parents are demanding the district fix the problem once and for all. some say their children never drink the water at schools because they claim it tastes funny. >> they've been coming here for a couple year. environmental protections report says that levels were well above where they should have been and that was back in 2014. the interim superintendent says the district is working with the dep to find a long-term solution but the department says it's had to chase down school officials to submit manner. next week jesse jackson in some flint, michigan church leaders will hold a massive march in protests of lead contamination
7:44 am
they say they have their own plan to restore clean water to the city. the leader of the rainbow coalition expressed his frustration. >> the attempt to save short term money has created a multibillion dollar program. it's unethical and another level it's illegal, and the third level there is reconstruction. >> that march is set for friday. duke can start removing water from coal ash ponds and push it into the lake that provides drinking water for area. the coal ash that has to be removed is intermingled with water. now duke has to take it out of the ponds at the river bend steam station and push those island lake. neighbors are split on whether it's a good idea. state leaders are calling the new permit the most stringent in the nation. it will require routine sampling of water that is
7:45 am
the cdc say there is is a sharp rise in the zika virus and infections in puerto rico from a single case last near. the washington post reports that officials expect the cases to increase in puerto rico in the coming months because the mosquito that most commonly transmits the virus is present all across the island. the zika virus is suspected of causing serious birth defects. north carolina scientist says the state doesn't have the ability to track or even control mosquitoes. health officials are also encouraging anyone who may have traveled to south america to let them know. vicki, busy day for you because you have the cold temperatures this morning and people are asking about the winter weather moving in possibly on monday. a lot of stuff going on this weekend. it's cold, it's windy. at least we will see is the sunshine today. nothing on live early morning doppler 9. however, it's really about the cold and the wind. now here's a few from king street out in boone.
7:46 am
you can still see a little bit of slush on the roadways. that is all thanks to snow we saw yesterday. can't rule out a few flurries early today but more snow is on the way along with that winter storm. here's a look at current temperatures. most neighborhoods well below freezing. the mountains close to 12 in jefferson, 13 in boone. however it is very windy. that is making it feel like ten blow in-- below in boone. you will need the layers going throughout the day today. your neighborhood forecast for davidson lots of sunshine mid 30s. it will feel like we're in the mid 20s though when you factor in those strong winds that we are expecting through the afternoon. your neighborhood forecast for jefferson we're talking dangerous windchill early on. we do have the potential for a few snow flurries before 9:00. heading toward noon only around 13 degrees. but it will feel like we are below zero when you factor in
7:47 am
wind gusts around 50 miles per hour in the mountain. charlotte area wind gust around 20-25 miles per hour. as we go through the over night hours it will stay windy. later this evening if you have 7:00. 20s by 9:00. so that cold is not going anywhere this weekend. for valentine's day tomorrow we will see increasing clouds if you are heading out to brunch early on. low 30s. bundle up. than today. we are talking close to 34 degrees. we should be around 55 degrees this time of year. as we've been talking about a winter storm is head this way for early monday. to time it out for you snow monday night into early monday. and then before dawn that is when we will have the potential for flurries here in charlotte. now the latest data over night indicates a little bit of warm air moving in which means a better chance for freezing rain here in charlotte. where you see this area shaded
7:48 am
the purple, that is the snow. the mountains along the i-40 corridor that is where you will see the snow early on. however as we head through the afternoon it starts to switch over to rain and it will stay rain as we go throughout the afternoon and evening could add up to about an inch of rain in some spots going through monday afternoon on into tuesday. so with that mix, this is what we are tracking as far as snowfall. this is just one of the models and keep in mind each update we get in, this changes a little bit. anywhere from 2-4 inches across i-40 corridor. here in charlotte less than an inch of snow. the mountains could see up to eight inches of snow. as far as ice, as i mentioned, that ice is going to inch its way a little bit more northward so we have potential for ice in charlotte. could see less than a quarter of an inch that causes a lot of problems on the roadways and power lines and trees. we will be watching that
7:49 am
you can stay on top of the changes. the main story this weekend its will be cold and windy. by monday tracking that wintery wintery mix. and we the end of next week we are talking 60s. >> what a difference a few degrees make. i know you are talking about rain. >> and a little difference makes a big difference. developing this morning authorities say that abashing county couple could face more charges after the death of one of their three-month-old twins. nicholas clark and brittany are both charged with felony child abuse. officials say clark called 911 in early february and had paramedics to perform cpr on one of the boys. the morganton news hearld reports that more charges will be filed. new numbers show exactly how much money the record
7:50 am
brought into north carolina. during the two months that the power ball climbed to $1.6 billion stores sold $79 million more in tickets than they originally anticipated. they also revealed the power ball increased the lottery share for education by $30 million. but in a channel 9 investigation, we found out that none of that money will go to fund new teachers in north carolina. the proceeds are used to hire noninstructional staff like bus drivers and custodians. the change was part of the most recent state budget. lawmakers say they didn't want to base teacher funding on something as variable as lottery funding. the golden state warriors could be the best nba team
7:51 am
next the pace steph curry is (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
7:52 am
keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
7:53 am
if the golden state warriors remain at their current pace, we could be watching the best team ever lead by a charlotte based super star in the midsts of one of the most prolific seasons ever. through 52 of 82 games, stephen curry has 245 three pointers. already good for the seventh best single season total in nba history. he's on face for 386 triples or 100 more than the previous
7:54 am
meanwhile the warriors off to the best start in nba history with the chicago bulls record of 72 regular season wins well within reach. >> if we don't get there, i don't think it will be a huge disappointment. we will still have a special season. still have an opportunity to hopefully go for another ring. but keeping our priorities straight on that and getting the record will be hopefully a win-win. >> san diego is not known as a hockey town and here with the goals last night in charlotte getting the checkers fits. we start with a local kid brian moore that grew up from the ice center. getting the deflection off the shade. the camera zoom which is this on theodore but our guy moore had the goal. head to evertime tied at two after a sensational day. that your game winner. charlotte falls 3-2 in overtime. congressman robert pittenger of north carolina is
7:55 am
the panthers super bowl loss. he gave colorado congressman mike kaufman beau january l biscuits. it is really cold this morning. >> we are talking dangerous windchill values in the mountains as we go throughout the day. it could feel like 20 below at times. here in charlotte i want to show you the five-day forecast. a lot going on. today mid to upper 30s but it will feel like we're in the 20s. the coldest air we've seen so far this season for tomorrow for valentine's day. if you have plans, dress accordingly. and that cold air will set the stage for a wintery mix early monday. by the afternoon it switches over to rain.
7:56 am
by the end of next week, that is when we are talking upper 50s to low 60s. if you don't like the weather, wait a minute it's bound to change. >> wait a day it's bound to change. they are even making plans d.o.t. depending on what we will get. good morning, america is coming
7:57 am
you for another live
7:58 am
happenining right now -- life-threatening cold. 100 million americans chilled to the bone. >> it's terrible out here. >> how many layers do you have on her today? >> 24. >> the struggles to stay warm for man and beast in this dangerous weather. everything you need to know about the frigid forecast. setting the stage. republicans ready to rumble again in the next debate. and with donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz, get ready for fireworks. >> and as it gets closer it's going to get nastier and nastier and nastier. >> cruz taking aim at hillary clinton in this spoof and bernie sanders trying to take her down. >> got it, abc? fears on the field. the feds focusing on the artificial turf. does the crumb rubber contain
7:59 am


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